It has become a common cliché but it is certainly true, the world is getting smaller. This means that our clients have an increasing need to expand into areas, physically or metaphorically, which they are not familiar with. While the increasing squeeze on the banking sector means that it is becoming more difficult than ever to access funding.

Our multinational team have a global outlook, with contacts in financial institutions around the world. Meaning that our clients can act decisively, with confidence, no matter what the situation.

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Following the financial crisis and the ensuing period of great regulatory change and upheaval, it continues to become ever more difficult to obtain substantial investment via the traditional methods. Many financial institutions are now far more risk averse and wary of transactions which do not fit their core business profile, causing great difficulties for start ups, large scale projects and businesses in emerging markets with plans for expansion.

Corporations and Project Managers now have to look further afield in order to fulfill their goals, a step into the unknown which presents its own unique challenges. Geneva Wealth Capital Management maintain excellent relationships with several institutional investment funds and have the necessary skills, experience and contacts to be able to assist our clients throughout the process of obtaining finance: reviewing and making recommendations on the presentation of project documents such as business plans, financial information or technical plans, preparing and giving formal presentations to the financing entity and, ultimately, negotiating the terms of project financing on the client’s behalf.

Our partners are willing to finance projects in various sectors and in often overlooked jurisdictions, on a debt or equity basis, Geneva Wealth Capital Management are uniquely placed to assist our clients in accessing the funding that they need to realise the fulfilment of their project.



In addition to our standard range of products and services, we are regularly asked to provide consultancy services to entrepreneurs, corporations and private investors. This need arise from a strategic expansion of a business into a new market where the clients existing knowledge is limited, or because attempts to source funding for projects have proved unsuccessful. Our presence in Geneva and Hong Kong, as well as distinctly international make up and experiences of our team, mean that we are uniquely placed to provide a keen insight into global ventures.

We are therefore able to work with our clients and their advisors to provide direction to any venture, investment or transaction or to suggest areas of opportunity that may have been previously unexplored.



Geneva Wealth Capital Management is able to establish structures that enable owners and operators of yachts and aircraft to take advantage of the most advantageous tax regime and jurisdiction, depending on their unique circumstances, and are able to manage these assets, providing a bespoke, professional service.

We can help simplify the process of buying an asset and provide an appropriate holding vehicle whether that is a company, trust or foundation. As well as undertaking the initial purchase, Geneva Wealth Capital Management will continue to manage your yacht or aircraft wherever it is commercially registered.



Your choice of finance can make all the difference when you are looking to buy property whether it is commercial or residential.

Geneva Wealth Capital Management can support your property plans and help you to access finance through our network of financial services providers.

We are also experienced in the management of large commercial properties which require action on a day to day basis. Geneva Wealth Capital Management are able to liaise with rental agencies, issue and collect invoices and oversee renovations and other works which may be required, ensuring the smooth operation of our clients’ investment.



Geneva Wealth Capital Management has the capability to fulfil a variety of roles as an intermediary. We can act as a neutral third party in order to devise, arrange and secure the proper exchange and delivery of agreements and property between contacting parties.

This system can be used effectively in situations such as mergers, acquisitions and buy outs, sales, purchases or other transactions, investment offerings (including both public and private equity or debt offerings) and the settlement of claims.